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Kearny County

Kearny County Livestock

By the numbers, annual production for the state of Kansas is:

  • 3rd in the US in: Cattle and Calves (6.3 million head), Red Meat (5.7 billion lbs), and Hay (6 million tons)
  • 10th in the US in: Hogs (2.1 million head)

K-State Research and Extension provides the latest research-based information from all disciplines related to livestock production. Click on one of the links to the side to find current information ansd explore available resources. Each species has their own page within Kansas State University Department of Animal Science. The links to the side will take you directly to each specie's home page and give you access to the reources posted there. 

Your local extension office can help you submit a request for ration consultation to our area specialist, and help you ensure your animal's safety through forage testing and ration analysis. Any ration you ask us about with use your ingredients first and do our best to keep the costs low but the quality high. We can also find information for you to answer any of your questions and gather publications for you to take from our office. 

Livestock Questions – Ask the Experts

One of the great things about working for K-State Research and Extension is our network of campus and area specialists. While our office has a lot of general knowledge, there’s just too many topics and new information coming out to stay up on it all. Fortunately, our animal science beef specialists can help answer questions and provide options to some of the challenges you may be facing. Check out the listings below for subject areas and contact information. Also feel free to visit their web site at  http://www.asi.k-state.edu/research-and-extension/beef/asktheexpert.html

University animal science beef specialists contact information

  • Stocker nutrition, management, or forages: Dr. Dale Blasi —
    email: Dblasi@ksu.edu or phone: 785-532-5427
  • Environmental management: Dr. Joel DeRouchey  —
    email: jderouch@ksu.edu or phone: 785-532-2280
  • Nutrition, annual forages: Dr. Jaymelynn Farney  —
    email: jkj@ksu.edu phone: 620-820-6125
  • Reproduction, cow/calf management: Dr. Sandy Johnson  —
    email: sandyj@ksu.edu phone: 785-462-6281
  • Nutrition, receiving cattle: Dr. Justin Waggoner  —
    email: jwaggon@ksu.edu phone: 620-275-9164
  • Animal breeding, cow-calf management: Dr. Bob Weaber  —
    email: bweaber@ksu.edu phone: 785-532-1460


Click on the species listed below for more information:

Other Wildlife

Home Insect Control

If you're dealing with a home insect control issue, we know it can be challenging and frustrating. Use one of our current publications to learn more about the biology of the insect you are trying to control and make sure you have a positive identification of the pest you are dealing with.

If you need help with identification, feel free to bring a sample by our office and we'll take a look at it. 

Click on the species listed below for more information:

Livestock Pages


Sheep and Goats




These links will take you to the Animal Science and Industry species page where there will be multiple publications categorized by nutrition, breeding, forages, water, management, disease and more. If you need help finding something specific, call the extension office and we can help you locate the resources you are looking for.