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Kearny County

Pesticide Applicator Licensing

The goal of the Pesticide Applicator Licensing program is to certify private and commercial applicators to use pesticides. 

To qualify for certification, a pesticide applicator must show adequate knowledge of the type of pesticide application that he or she intends to perform. By educating, training, and testing people who apply certain pesticides, we are able to assure consumers that the person applying pesticides is knowledgeable and qualified. The law associated with this program is the Kansas Pesticide Law.

Commercial Pesticide Applicator

Applicants must pass the General examination and a category or subcategory examination to become certified (Commercial Applicator Certification Categories). Fees are $45 per examination. The General examination is also $45, as are examination retakes. 

For the current pesticide commercial applicator examination schedule, go to the Pesticide Certification Exam Schedule. The first paragraph on the exam schedule lists where study manuals may be obtained from Kansas State University or the Kearny County Extension Office.

Renewal of a current certification category may be accomplished by examination or training. The examination for renewal is the same as above. For the current schedule of recertification training go to Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification Programs and Training.

Private Pesticide Applicator

A private pesticide applicator certification may only be used to apply or supervise the application of a restricted use pesticide product according to label directions for the purpose of:

  • Producing an agricultural commodity
  • On property owned or rented by the private certified applicator or such person's employer; or
  • If applied without compensation other than trading of personal services between producers of agricultural commodities, on property owned or rented by another producer of an agricultural commodity.

Private certification may be obtained by passing an online or open book examination at a county extension office. Contact the county extension office in advance to ensure the office will be open and allow 2-3 hours to complete the examination. The county extension office will collect the $25 fee and recieve your certification card after the exam is graded. Exams are taken online, but come to the office and ask about available accomodations. Private applicator certification expires on the individual’s birthday in the 5th calendar year after it is issued.

Private Pesticide Applicator Manual

The private applicator study manual (Publication MF-531) is available Kansas State University by calling (785) 532-5830, by ordering at the KSU Research and Extension Bookstore or buying it at the Kearny County Extension office. Mauals are available for purchase $11.10 or you can check one out from the office for a deposit of $12.00 to be returned when the maual is returned. 

Renewal reminders are mailed to the applicator’s home address. Please inform KDA of any address changes to make sure you receive your renewal material.