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Kearny County

Join a 4-H Club

4-H Clubs

We have 4 clubs that you can join. You can call the leaders or the extension office for more information on each one. Meetings will be posted on the calendar on the home page. 

Chantilly Club
Club Leader: Cindi Craig

People Pleasers
Club Leaders: Charlee Berning, Andra Peters, and John Koons

Prarie View
Club Leaders: Brandon Barr, Mindi Brennaman

The New 4-H Club
Club Leaders: Aracely Gonzalez, Claudia Enriquez

Additional Projects/Clubs

Shooting Sports

Coordinator: Trish Burch

Want to learn proper and safe ways to shoot an air rifle, or bow and arrow? Check out the shooting sports project! The project teaches gun safety, hunting practices plus an opportunity to test your skills. If you have an interest in guns and/or hunting this project is a great way to learn. Check with the local extension office for the availability of a certified program in the county before enrolling in the shooting sports project. Local certified shooting sports coordinators and instructors are required for all disciplines. Kansas 4-H Shooting Sports adheres to the National Shooting Sports Policies. National policy regarding age states that 4-H Shooting Sports Programs are open to all youth 8 years of age or older (as of Jan. 1 of current year). Must be enrolled in a 4-H Club to join.

Things to Learn/Do in the Project

  • Care and safety of shooting sports equipment
  • Demonstrate safe use of air rifle, shotgun, bow, etc. through practice, talks, demonstrations and exhibits
  • Exhibit shooting sports skills at local, district and state events

Livestock Judging Team

Coach: Ryan Littlejohn

"Judging instills confidence in those people who may be timid and humbles those who tend to be conceited." - Harlan Ritchie

Join one of the most competitive competitions, and experience building teams available to you. Expand your knowledge of cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, and their products. Livestock Judging enhances decision making capabilities and provide the opportunity to defend those decisions through oral reasons. Oral reasons provide the framework for public speaking skills. We build character, integrity, and honesty, but also make valuable connections through networking with other individuals and producers who share similar interests. The Kearny County Livestock Judging Team is open to all 4-Hers with those ages 9-18 eligible for National Competitions. 

Things to Learn/Do

  • Correct structure of all species of livestock.
  • Quiz bowl contests will expose you to multiple topics about each breed including, origin of the breed, nutrition, quality assurance, industry knowledge, equipment familiarity. 
  • Exhibit livestock knowledge at local, district and state events.

Become a Volunteer

Do you like to sew? Bake? Draw or do crafts? Garden? Photography? Food preservation? Etcetera? Please consider being a project leader for the 4-H year. Do you know someone else such as an aunt, uncle, grandparent, or neighbor who has a particular skill that they can share and teach to 4-H youth? Please call he Kearny County Extension Office for more information if you or someone you know is willing to be a colunteer leader for th 4-H program this year. Your support is greatly appreciated!

We are always looking for more project leaders and extra volunteers. If you have any interest in helping with 4-H activites call the office and we can explain how to register as a volunteer on 4-H Online. 

4-H Online

Join a club by going online to:

4-H Online

The 4-H Year is October 1 - September 30. You must be 7 years old by January 1 to be a
4-H Member.

You may join as a Cloverbud at the age of 5 and work alongside your friends/family until you reach the age of 7 and are a full member. Parents attend meetings with Cloverbuds.