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Kearny County

About the Office

The Kearny County Extension office serves you with researched based information through publications and educational activities and programs that address the Five Grand Challenges identified by K-State Research and Extension: Global Food Systems. Water, Health, Developing Tomorrow's Leaders and Community Vitality.

Many of our programs involved youth development, particularly through the Kearny County 4-H program, educational lessons in collaboration with the school systems in Lakin and Deerfield, after-school activities in both communities while addressing the needs of under-served audiences.

Some well known and successful programs related to community vitality and tomorrow's leaders include Board Leadership Training series, a statewide live audio-visual program using high tech - high touch strategies where participants can interact with the presenters; and Lakin PRIDE, a highly successful volunteer program that addresses the beautification needs of Lakin and other activities that enhance the qualities of small town living. Soon we will be presenting entrepreneurial programs and projects for youth and adults.

Kearny County Extension has been proactive with the statewide initiative to address the water issues in our geographical area, through facilitation of the concerns of our local citizens.

Kearny County Extension has a popular Walk Kansas program, for teams of six people, that lasts 8 weeks for a promotion of healthy activities and nutrition tips.

Kearny County's Research and Extension Service office serves as an excellent information resource to residents in the focus areas of Family and Consumer Science, Agriculture, 4-H & Youth Development, and Community Vitality.  The informal education efforts of the K-State Research and Extension faulty an staff are primarily conducted through personal contacts and visitations, public informational meetings, events and demonstrations, newsletters, radio and television programs, social networks such as Facebook and other electronic media in a continuing effort to provide "Knowledge for Life."