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Kearny County


As of June 2019, grain farming employed over 9,000 Kansans for a total contribution of $4.2 billion to the economy of Kansas. 

By the numbers, annual production is:

  • 1st in the US in: Wheat (333 million bushels) and Sorghum (200 million bushels)
  • 2nd in the US in: Total acres of Cropland (28.5 million acres)
  • 3rd in the US in: Hay (6 million tons)
  • 4th in the US in: Sunflowers (89 million lbs)
  • 6th in the US in: Irrigated cropland (2.9 million acres) and Canola (62 million lbs)
  • 7th in the US in: Corn (686 million bushels)
  • 10th in the US in: Soybeans (190 million bushels) 

Bring plant samples/photos to the Extension office or email hallieanderson@ksu.edu a photo to help with diagnosing plant diseases. Samples can be sent to the Plant Pathology Lab at K-State University for further processing. When sending photos be sure to include:

  • Whole plant, leaves, roots, seedhead, flowers, infected area of plant
  • Where it was in the field
  • What do you think it is?
  • When did you first notice it? and Have you seen it before?
  • Field history - previous 2-3 year crops, previous soil test reports
  • Herbicide used this year and previous
  • What are the neighboring crops?
  • Plant stage of development
  • Margin between good area and the affected area if one exists
  • Pattern of progression if present (spots, all along one side, moving across field)
  • How wide spread in the field is it?
  • Where in he field does it seem to start?
  • Include your contact information and a description of characteristics that stand out - hair, spines, smells, woody, herbaceous.

These will help diagnose a problem and ensure we can get back to you sooner. If you are unsure if a photo/description is important or not, send it anyway. 


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